the Classics

my new series where ill b tossin out albums of that help make my music taste. ill b trying to release one each sunday. good to know what made you to help you know where your at and where your trying to go.




October 31, 2000

One of the best and most creative to do it. This album is undoubtedly a classic.



Eurythmics//Greatest Hits

March 18, 1991

My mom would blast these guys through my house. I can really tell now that my love of synth and melody is a direct relation to the innovation of these two. Sounds so old and yet timeless.



Kanye West//The College Dropout 

February 10, 2004

This album is woven into my being. If you need proof how serious I take this album just search my page for yeezy season. Really just doing this to say Happy Birthday Kanye West.


az_B22051_St. Elsewhere_Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley//St. Elsewhere 

April 24, 2006

Appreciate this pop album so much. Really got me into this mix of pop, electronics, and melody that could still be so unique and warm. Lots of awesome tracks on this still.



Whitest Boy Alive//Dreams

September 4, 2006

These guys sound is so awesome too me. Dance jazz rock with some electric shit mixed in. They are so groovy with such little effort. If only they would get back together for more of that good shit.



Modest Mouse//Good News for People Who Love Bad News

April 6, 2004

So many good tracks. This album really opened me up to a lot of different bands.



Gorillaz//Demon Days

May 23, 2005

A perfect example of a true classic. So many gems throughout this album. Incredibly eclectic and well produced this sound has been able to survive time. Hit singles, innovative sound, awesome features. This album is fucking legit.




January 31, 2006

As much as I gush over Ye you may be surprised that Stefon aka P.O.S. reigns supreme in my music tastes as my favorite rapper. I can remember little bits and pieces of Ipecac Neat but this album really solidified my interest in his music. His mixture of rock beats and raw rap lyrics appealed to me at 13 and continues to 8 years later. This album and Never Better gives me life.



Cat Stevens//Teaser and the Firecat 

October 1, 1971

This album means the world to me. So many hits that remind me of my dad. Cat Stevens can do no wrong.



Throw Me the Statue//Moonbeams

February 19, 2008

Such a great vibe. So calming with amazing power and hooks. This first album is a true classic. RIP TMTS.



Klaxons//Myths of the Near Future 

January 29, 2007

Dance rock album at its best. Lotta tracks stand out to me on here. Remember reading about these guys in a spin article and got hip to them quickly. Wonder what their up to now.



Bloc Party//Silent Alarm

February 2, 2005

Prolly the first band I obsessed over religiously. Such a different style than what I had been used to that this album really drew me in. The mix on the album is still incredible to me. If only someone could find me the fan webpage I made in 2006.



The Killers//Hot Fuss

June 15, 2004

The first album I fell in love with. The Killers got me in to serious music listening. This album was and continues to be my music back bone. I remember listening to album on repeat at my grandparents house when I got in Christmas 2004. Ever since then it has meant the world to me.



Fountains of Wayne//Welcome Interstate Managers

June 10, 2003

Still recall seeing that Stacy’s mom video for the first time. Magical. You know an albums great when nearly every track on it is your favorite at some point. Still looking for my Julie to serenade while we sip on some mexican wine. 



Sting//Brand New Day

September 28, 1999

This man has done so much work to better music. This album in particular was on repeat constantly around my house. He has so many different styles. Sonically one of the best to do it.



TV on the Radio//Return To Cookie Mountain 

July 3, 2006

Some of the most creative cats in the indie rock scene. Everything about them is so on point. Great production mixed with great musical talent. Unfortunately in all the years I’ve been a fan I still have never been able to see them live :/.



Talking Heads//The Best of the Talking Heads 

August 17, 2004

Man, my heart beats to naive melody. I don’t remember a specific album but this band was always playing in my home. Such a combination of melodic sonics, rock and raw vocals. Their one of the best to do it in my opinion.



The Rising//Bruce Springsteen 

July 30, 2002

This is one of the first complete albums i remember listening in full. My dad just like every other middle age man prays daily to the boss. Bruce is a saint in my house and this is the first album he released that i was old enough to fully get. This was released a year after 9/11 and i can still hear the emotions this album rang out in my house.


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