2013 Stand Out Albums

this list is in no particular order. these albums are some of the few than really stand out among the crowd for me.

Thao-With-The-Get-Down-Stay-Down-We-The-Common1 (1)

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down//We the Common 

strong indie folk album. my favorite album for the first few months of the year.


Son Lux//Lanterns

experimental pop. the sonics on this album are unlike anything else i’ve ever heard.


Oddisee//The Beauty in All

well produced half beat tape half raps with a huge variety of dope hip hop.


Chance the Rapper//Acid Rap

the most progressive hip hop piece of work. hes got a super bright future with his ear for beats to get on.

RJD2-More-Is-Than-Isnt (1)

RJD2//More Is Than Isn’t 

so much variety. this dude proves he can make it all and make it all sound awesome.



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