YEEZY season

Kanye West Best Albums

Yeezus day has finally come and to celebrate ive put together my order of his best albums. Ye is a legend and this list really means nothing more than the mood I’m in


1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy//2010

this is the Bentley of music. Ye brought together a whole host of sounds, ideas, concepts, and personnel to create possibly the greatest albums of the decade. the use of strings and extended song instrumentals make this seem less like a stand alone album and more like a soundtrack. Ye  managed to make his best beats of his career while also writing his best lyrical album. six years after the College Dropout Ye was fully in the spotlight and much had changed in his life and style. Ye speaks through his beats and lyrics where he was through great expression and introspection. throughout his whole career Ye has managed to be very conscious of his role in music history. at this point he realizes that he has created a league of his own and is not going to back down from the expectations he has put on himself.


2. The College Dropout//2004

it was long believed that Ye was stuck to a career as a producer. this released showed not only that he could legitimately rap but also was a force to reckoned with. Ye  produced every single beat on the album proving that he could consistently produce greatness. it was pretty ballsy for Ye to release 17 song album especially as a freshman (plus an additional 5 skits making the album 22 tracks total). Ye had produced some legendary songs already by this point and everyone was wondering if Ye had enough solid beats left for himself. College Dropout was filled with some of the best soul samples of any rap record. to get a full scope of where Ye was musically listen to the nearly 9 minute interview he does at the end of Last Call. The College Dropout was the first album I ever purchased and prolly speaks largely to my obsession to Ye’s music. Ye has managed to stay relevant longer than nearly all musicians for a good reason. this album was a legendary moment for hip hop music.


3. Late Registration//2005

how do you follow up a 22 song classic album. with a legendary 21 track album of course. I tend to look at College Dropout and Late Registration as two part of the same piece of work. Most artist tend to struggle with a second album. fans tend to be disappointed when artists don’t copy and past their first album to create a follow up. in classic Ye fashion Late Registration is an exception to the rule. Ye comes back with the same level of creativity that he had on his previous album showing that the pressure only inspired him. only one year into his solo hip hop career, Ye proved that he was a force in the industry that couldn’t be stopped. Late Registration went platinum in 6 different countries and triple platinum in the US. Ye showed that he could stay true to himself and the fans would follow.


4. 808s and Heartbreak//2008

theres too much to say about this one. Ye blew people’s minds by making an album singing first off. autotune was a very touchy subject in 2008 with fans picking sides on the matter. Ye proved that not only is autotune ok but you could make a hit album using it. Ye also proved that emotion was to be embraced in creativity. he was suffering from heartbreak via the breakup of his long relationship with his fiancé and the loss of his mother. the struggle in his life was very real and you can hear it throughout this album. Ye’s always had a dark side but never was it more embraced than on 808s. o ya. and he recorded this shit in 3 weeks! this album changed the path of Ye’s career and thus the path of music for good. first non hip hop record from Ye and now Ye hasn’t been back to making hip hop solo records.


5. Graduation//2007

right in the middle of the hype, Ye decided to ditch the soul samples for something more futuristic. Ye had perfected the traditional hip hop beat equation and it was time for him to vary up his music. almost like the College Dropout and Late Registration was him proving himself to the hip hop community and now hes Graduated and showed that he wasnt going anywhere in mainstream music. he would now be a major creative mind behind music and culture. to me what’s more impressive than the album is the tour that followed. he proved that he could take hip hop music and turn it into a live theatrical musical performance. this being my least favorite Ye record really means nothing. Graduation was an amazing record that only a talent like Ye could create.


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