my 5 favorite albums of the first quarter of 2013 

all albums were released between 1/1/13 and 31/4/13. presented in no particular order


Thao and the Get Down Stay Down//We the Common 

released 5/2/13 on Ribbon Music

My favorite release of the year bar none. Thao Nguyen is a master at making amazingly different folk pop jams. I seemingly can’t stop posting about everything she makes this year. Every song is something different and is rad in its own regard. Go buy this record pronto. Also check out the sick visuals she’s made for some of the songs below.

Songs to check out…We the CommonWe Don’t CallHoly RollerThe Day LongMove

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.34.34 PM



released 26/3/13 on Nature Sounds

Ok so only the second album in and I’m already cheating. This was originally released back in 2011 but has been officially released only this past March. Blu’s got an amazing talent with his rap style. He also managed to get some of my favorite hip hop instrumentals for his album. My favorite hip hop release of the year thus far. Flying Lotus and Sa-Ra really did a good job on the production of some of these songs.

Songs to check out… Everybody NoseDown To Earth … My Sunshine … Keep PushinDoin Something

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.34.34 PM


Local Natives//Hummingbird 

released 29/1/13 on Frenchkiss Records

Local Natives sophomore album definitely didn’t drop the ball. They had a huge buzz around it and they delivered. Hummingbird doesn’t differ to far from Gorilla Manor in sound but its production quality and creativity in my mind is leaps and bounds above their debut.

Songs to check out…You and I …Breakers … Wooly Mammoth … Colombia … Bowery …

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.34.34 PM


Buke and Gase//General Dome 

released 29/1/13 on Brassland Records

Buke and Gase are the coolest duo of the year. They’re simplicity and manipulation of rhythm and melody work hand in hand. The album doesn’t have a dull moment. Your locked in from the get gown and it keeps you locked in for 13 songs straight. Arone’s voice is so pleasant  You should also check out their live setup. They got a six string baritone ukulele named buke and a guitar bass hybrid called gase. Crazy.

Songs to check out… Houdini CrushHiccupGeneral DomeHard TimesTwisting the Lasso of Truth

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.34.34 PM



released 2/4/13 on Polyvinyl

This album surprised the fuck out of me. Not your typical indie rock album in the slightest. They got so many cool song ideas with a diverse array of sounds. This was Generationals third album released and by far my favorite. A great combination of indie rock guitars mixed with interesting synth tones. This album will keep you intrigued.

Songs to check out… SpinozaExtra Free YearSay WhenYou Got MePut a Light On


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