Man 2018 has been good to me. This discovery of Khruangbin (the infamous bill) and the new young fathers singles. Also some bloc party metronomy bonobo and hot chip.


More TV on the radio and LCD soundsystem. tops and king krules latest albums are dealing it out too. This biscuit town song to start it off really bangs. Also listening to more Herbie and apple music jazz fusion and jazz rock playlists. Also I’ve been thinking more about that spin magazine article proclaiming spoon the best band of all time due to their ability to release solid 8s our better. Point still holds water. Also wild card of the day I’m really feeling hall and oats i can’t go for that. Yup. 

Really liking this new Quelle Chris album. That plus listening to Herbie Hancock while driving around the city puts a different lens on how I experience Chicago.

  • I think this new open mike eagle has solidified him as one of my all time favorites with this album from last week. Also the rapsody Kendrick song is shweet.

The new LCD lives up to the hype for sure. Arcade fires new project is OK. Whitest boy alive and young fathers tape one have been doing pretty good too like always.